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Nathan Temby is a San Francisco resident, transplanted from Sacramento, who divides his time between dueling pianos and performing his own concerts on both coasts. He has also entertained people all over the world aboard Holland America Cruise Lines. His third and newest CD, “Last Call”, is available through his website and features his favorite cover songs.


John Crampton
John Crampton (JC Rockit) was born in Chicago. He has performed as a pianist, keyboardist, vocalist, and entertainer throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Musical training started at age nine. His roots were influenced by the Chicago rhythm & blues scene. Music major at Triton College in River Grove, Illinois, where he studied classical piano, voice, and music arranging. Studied jazz improvisation on piano with Vince Geraci, a local Chicago area studio musician. Performed as a keyboardist on Hammond organ, electric piano and synthesizer with a number of rock, funk, dance and show bands from the 1970s through the 1980s. Performed Dueling Pianos since 1991 starting at Litl’ Ditty’s located at America’s San Jose Live to today at a number of night clubs, casinos, and private events.
Jason Marion

Jason Marion has been playing at Foley’s since they opened March 2008. He has played all over the country, on a cruise ship, and has recorded 4 CD’s (5th in progress). Jason plays piano, guitar, bass, sings and is currently learning the violin and flute. Born in Wisconsin, Jason moved to California in 1998, currently residing in Burlingame. Performing a broad repertoire (strong on newer tunes), Jason energizes the room with his entertainment styles.


Greg Zema taught himself to play the piano at age 13 and was playing professionally by age 16. Since then, has worked as an entertainer throughout the United States and Europe, performing with theatre companies, symphonies, cruise ships, and of course, piano bars.


Joel Nelson Joel has been in the Music Agency business since 1982. He got his start as a musician (keyboards, guitar, drums, and vocals) playing with such legendary artists as Bo Diddley and sharing the stage with bands like James Brown, The Police, Chuck Berry, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. As his business grew, he incorporated DJ's and other variety entertainers. He has worked with virtually every major venue, event planner, videographer, and photographer in Northern California.


Rome Balestrieri Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, and Poor Yorick frontman, Rome Balestrieri is unable to escape the harrowing good times to be had at Johnny Foley's! Relishing in an organic rapport with his audience, Rome appears as often as he can to sing your favorite hits with you along with songs you've forgotten how much you love! Bringing with him an unapologetic performance style and snide sense of humor, Rome will ensure you never forget your time at Johnny Foley's... for better or worse. Follow Rome on twitter and check out Poor Yorick online!




Daniel Krass is a locally grown talent from Palo Alto. He hones his craft in Nashville, Tennessee and loves performing here in San Francisco anytime he comes back home. He has an incredible ear, his vast repertoire stretches from rock and pop to rap and country, and he is goofy enough to spontaneously break out a kazoo solo every now and then. Daniel's positive energy on stage is truly contagious and ensures that you will have a great night here at Foley's if you ever need to "forget about life for a while".


Lee Huff


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